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General & Technical Help

1. How can I watch a movie?

2. I haved paid and got payment confirmation email, but my subscription is not activated after re-login, what should I do?

3. I am having trouble registering, what Should I do?

4. What is Pay Per view? How does it work?

5. I want to cancel the subscription in the middle of the month, is there any refund?

6. How fast should my connection be to watch movies?

7. I have stream buffering sometimes. Why?

8. Why only music is not seperate package?

9. I paid for the subscription, still BollyPod is showing invalid subscription. Why?

10. What's the difference between paying by credit/debit card and Echeck?

11. The movie stops after 3/4 minutes and shows "ready" on the player. What should I do?

12. How to change to my password?

13. How to renew my subscription?

14. How to get the full screen view?

15. I am logged in but when I try to watch a movie, BollyPod is logging me out. What should I do?

16. I can't find the question that I am looking for. What should I do?

How to play movies on portable devices

Supported Devices: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Google TV (iOS v3.0+ and Android v2.2+ required)
**Please make sure you are logged in and have a valid subscription before proceeding further (not required to play sample clips).

Step 1:
Browse to the details page of the movie you wish to watch.

Step 2:
Tap on the play button on the page as shown below:

Step 3 - iPhone/iPod/iPad:
Wait a couple of seconds while the movies loads in a the embedded player below the play button area. Once the movie loads, tap on the play icon:

Step 3 - Android Phone/Tablet/Google TV:
Tap on the play button once the embedded player shows up and then wait for the movie to load and start playing:

Step 4 - iPhone/iPod/iPad:
Once the movie starts playing, it will automatically switch to full screen on iPhone and iPod, for iPad; you can tap on the full screen button:

Tap on the "Done" button to exit full screen mode.

Step 4 - Android Phone/Tablet/Google TV:
Android Phone/Tablet-
Once the movie starts playing, you can swtich to full screen by tapping on the full screen button:

Tap on the back icon to exit full screen mode.
Once the movie starts playing, please click on the fullscreen button on top right corner of the video player. To exit full screen mode, please press the 'Esc' key on the keyboard.

Payment Help

1. How do I make payment for subscription?
easy secure payment with

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1 month $9.99, 2 months $17.99, 3 months $25.99 only

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