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Jhoota Hi Sahi

Year: 2010
Length: 2:29:36
Director: Abbas Tyrewala
Cast: Arbaaz Khan, John Abraham, Madhavan, Manasi Scott, Naseruddin Shah, Pakhi Tyrewala, R Madhavan, Raghu Ram, Sohail Khan
Subtitle: English
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This film tells you that love is blind. And in this case, inattentive and deaf as well. All that separates a suicidal weepie gal's confidante from her rebound guy is a stutter. And if you can believe they made a movie about that and are curious enough to know more, here goes...
Sid (Abraham) is a bookstore guy in a relationship with Kruttika (Scott), an airhostess. It isn't working out and Sid refuses to accept that it's over because he hates being single. A spree of calls meant for a suicide helpline for Indians get routed to him, thanks to a printing error. One call in particular spooks him enough to not hang up.
The girl tells of her mother killing herself. Of her sacrificing a lot for her writer boyfriend, who eventually breaks up with her. Reason enough to go jump? Well, let's ponder over that later.
She starts confiding in Sid, who listens and advises her to find new friends and spouts philosophy by an ancient Indian. She gives him her name (it's Mishka, if you care), but he doesn't give his. Convenient, wouldn't you say? She decides to call him Fidato.
After some subtle manipulation of circumstances, Fidato convinces Mishka (Pakhi) to start seeing Sid even after a bad date and then continue to date him, even after he has a forced break-up with his girlfriend... But you can never have too much of a good thing, so the lie has to die.
Question is: will that end his relationship with Ms Weepy?
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