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Madholal Keep Walking

Year: 2010
Length: 1:50:41
Director: Jai Tank
Cast: Subrat Dutta, Neela Gokhale, Pranay Narayan, Swara Bhaskar, Varnita Aglawe
Subtitle: None
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This is a story of humanity. Madholal's simple life has modest dreams and usual challenges. The times were perfect. A supportive wife, Kamla. Loving daughters, Sudha and Summi. A trusted neighbour, Anwar. And friendships like none other.

Each morning Madholal starts a journey with his inseparable comrades. An eclectic mix of buddies. Witty peon, Rajan. Fastidious lawyer, Varma. Beetlejuice spewing stockbroker, Jayesh. Romantic young executive, Satish. And a youthful retiree, Joshi Kaka. They laugh with and at each other. Meeting only in the trains, squibbling and laughing all the way they pass the journey everyday.

Till the tragedy strikes. One event blows it all into smithereens. Shatters the very fabric of Madholal's life.

Come the testing times for a family, a neighbourhood and a friendship. Tumultuous times that turn a perfect home into a gloomy abode. Wife into a stalwart, daughter into a crutch, trusted confidant into a suspect and concerns of a father into his nightmares.

Gloomy doom shrouds over his life. Madholal tries to no avail to darn the life that has been torn to tatters.

Help comes from the most unexpected quarter. His soul speaks out. And these trying times do not destroy Madholal rather reaffirm his belief in goodness and strength of human spirit.

Film is a Microcosm of basic human emotions. We all are cogwheels of the machinery that has fallen apart due to external and evil events beyond our control. Realities of our times. But each man is for himself. He has to himself put them back together to defeat the purpose of the wrongdoers.

A contemporary message in these tumultuous modern times.

A misfortune can cripple him but can't stop Madholal. He takes his first step towards bringing his life back on the tracks. The local train is his teacher, friend and lifeline. Come hail or storm Madholal has to keep walking.
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