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Year: 1997
Length: 2:42:09
Director: Rakesh Roshan
Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Amrish Puri, Johny Lever, Mohnish Behl etc.
Subtitle: English
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Shankar (Shahrukh Khan) is a mute man, raised by the powerful King Raja (Amrish Puri) who treats him like a slave. The elderly Raja, who is a ruthless and cruel man with a large appetite for young women, wants to marry Gauri (Madhuri Dixit), a happy young girl. Gauri, however, wants to see a picture of her future husband first, so Raja sends her one of Shankar. Gauri instantly falls in love with him and the wedding proceeds. However, before the ceremony is completed, she discovers that it's not Shankar whom she has married and faints; Raja orders the priest to continue with the ceremony, even though the marriage would be invalid while Gauri is unconscious. When Gauri regains consciousness, she discover Raja trying to "consummate" with her. She refuses by attempting suicide, so he imprisons and tortures her. One night, Bindya (Deepshika) goes to Shankar, but instead finds Raja's brother Brijwa waiting for her. He attempts to rape her, but Shankar stops him. Not being able to proceed thrashing his master's brother, he takes a beating and gets framed for attempting to rape Bindya by Brijwa. Bindya is then sent to a brothel controlled by (Himani Shivpuri). When her brother Ashok (Mohnish Behl) comes to save her, Raja kills him. Moments before he dies, Ashok makes Shankar promise him to save his sister; Shankar and Gauri flee Raja's mansion.

After a long chase through the mountains and jungle, Raja and his men leave, and during that time Gauri and Shankar begin to show their affection for one another. But unexpectedly Raja's men see Shankar and Gauri near a waterfall and manage to capture them. Shankar is beaten and Raja slits his throat, then left to die in the mountains; Gauri is sold to a brothel. There, Bindya saves Gauri from what had been done to her, and in the process she eventually gets killed. Shankar is found and saved by a mysterious healer, who operates on his throat while he is still unconscious. The healer, who discovers that Shankar is not mute by birth, is able to repair some of the damaged nerves in Shankar's throat, enabling him to speak. Shankar recalls that when he was a boy, two men, greedy for his father's wealth, murdered his parents in front of him; when young Shankar threatened to tell everyone what they did, someone came up from behind him and shoved hot coals into his throat, rendering him mute. Shankar returns, kills Brijwa and is reunited with Gauri after rescuing her from the same men that killed his parents, and bought Gauri. Shankar, in the process discovers that Raja was the person who made him mute and who ordered his parents to be killed. He kills Raja's two henchmen and finally manages to corner Raja, whom he kills by setting on fire.
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