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Agni Varsha

Year: 2002
Length: 2:09:49
Director: Arjun Sajnani
Cast: Jackie Shroff, Raveena Tandon, Milind Soman, Sonali Kulkarni, Nagarjuna
Subtitle: English
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The film is adapted from the play of the same name by India’s foremost playwright, Girish Karnad. Derived from ‘The Myth Of Yavakri’ – a part of the renowned epic. ‘The Mahabharata’, this film retains the essence of the story as told in the epic though somewhat altered by the playwright. Watching ‘The Fire and The Rain’ is like reliving the age-old myth even as its multi-faceted characters, which transcend time, play out its inexorable end. …OF POWER Paravasu is the eldest son of the great sage Raibhya. For seven long years he has performed the mahayagya (fire sacrifice) to appease the gods and get rains for the drought-ridden land. He has forsaken his wife – Vishakha, his brother - Arvasu and all worldly pursuits. His exalted position of Chief Priest of the sacrifice creates discord and animosity within his own family, from his father Raibhya to his cousin Yavakri. Yavakri, Paravasu’s arch-rival, returns home triumphant after ten years of meditation, armed with the boon of eternal knowledge bestowed upon him by the Lord Indra Himself. The resentful Yavakri embarks upon a scheme for ultimate revenge at any cost. …OF LOVE Paravasu’s younger brother – Arvasu, is in love with a tribal girl – Nittilai, is all set to defy his upper caste Brahmin norms and marry her. But his Brahmin upbringing does not allow him to escape the manipulations of his brother - Paravasu, his cousin - Yavakri and his father - Raibhya. Unwittingly embroiled in their battle for supremacy, he is eventually forced to choose between love and duty. OF LUST… In a desperate attempt to assert his position, his dominance in the Brahmin community, Yavakri seduces Vishakha – his past lover and now Paravasu’s abandoned wife. Raibhya – Paravasu’s father, wreaks his own vengeance on Yavakri by unleashing upon him a demon – the Brahmarakshas. … OF SACRIFICE. The appearance of Lord Indra at the end is testament to Arvasu’s essential goodness and faith. His dialogue with the God leads him towards the path of duty and spiritual growth, through sacrifice. The purity of his love for Nittilai triumphs as the parched land is granted rain and its people salvation.
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