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Rajjo (Pre-release)

Year: 2013
Length: 2:03:39
Director: Vishwas Patil
Cast: Kangna Ranaut, Mahesh Manjerkar, Prakash Raj, Jaya Pradha, Paras Arora, Tanushree Chakraborty, DaProduced by Four Pillars Entertainment, Vishwas Patil
Subtitle: None
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Produced by Four Pillars Entertainment, Vishwas Patil’s Rajjo.Kangana Ranaut, Paras Arora, National Award winners Prakash Raj, Mahesh Manjrekar. A love story between a Muslim nautch girl & a Brahmin boy.

Primarily a love story, it also looks into the issue of the mujra houses that are dying a slow death in today’s competitive world of high rises and corruption. There was a time when areas like Mumbai Central and Nagpada were known for kothewallis and their kothas. Slowly and steadily they are all disappearing in the midst of a heart-wrenching romantic plot.
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