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Lucky Kabootar (Pre-release)

Year: 2014
Length: 1:57:12
Director: Shammi Chhabra
Cast: Ravi Kissen, Eijaz Khan, Kulraj Randhawa, Sanjay Mishra, Shraddha Das, Madhavi Sharma
Subtitle: None
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For Santokh, his journey up till now has been extremely delightful. Baby Baith Pajero Mein and a Sufi rock Haal Da Marham sung and composed by him top the list of his personal favourites. “Music is a business and how and when I compose my songs depends on what the situation demands. For me, music is my life and I desire to continue entertaining my fans for as long as I can,” Santokh feels, when asked what music is to him. Film experts say that Lucky Kabootar Movie will rock.
Ten years from now, he still sees himself as a successful singer and music director. Having performed on his tracks many times, he has acquired the confidence to secure a foothold in this field. Singh believes in soulful music and also aims at touching the hearts of many by spreading the aura of his music through the lyrics composed. Lyrics just crawl down his sleeves and are out on the page for Santokh in no time. He feels disheartened to see that the level of the lyrics used today has drastically gone down. He says, “It is good to be modern, yet I look for a ray of hope that at least my fans should not get influenced with music which has no meaning.” For a very long time, he had been into music but he also knew success did not come easily. That was when he started taking music lessons under the guidance of Ustad Nawab Khan and Ustad Shahid Khan for becoming what he is today, a star! With his innate understanding of music and charismatic aura, Santokh garners global recognition.
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