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Mr. X

Year: 2015
Length: 2:05:01
Director: Vikram Bhatt
Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur, Arunoday Singh
Subtitle: English
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This movie is based on the concept of invisibility. Dr.Sharma is a well known professor. After many years of hard work, he prepares a formula for invisibility. Dr. Sharma lives with his daughter Gita (Shabana Azmi). Dr.Sharma's one student Ramesh Tejwani (Imtiaz Khan) an evil person, steals that formula in the professor's absence. After using that formula he becomes invisible and carries out all possible crimes like robbery and is wanted in each and every country. Dr. Sharma has one more student Amar(Amol Palekar), a brilliant scientist and a very loved person. Dr.Sharma discloses the invention to Amar and asks for his help, because Dr.Sharma didn't intend to use if for wrong purpose. Amar becomes initially a friend of Ramesh. Ramesh is fond of Amar's intelligence and thus offers him a job for 8 lakhs rupees, with an initial amount of 5,000. Amar gives the advance amount to the police, which they match with the robbed one. So they start eyeing Ramesh as the culprit. The drawback of the formula is that one cannot turn normal very easily. So he kidnaps the professor to make a formula. Amar along with Gita track Ramesh down along with Inspector Rakesh Mohan who has been deployed to check Mr. X (Ramesh, the invisible). Ramesh also kidnaps Gita in order to blackmail Dr.Sharma. But Amar interferes and he also becomes invisible. Both fight and at the end Ramesh runs seeing the police. While running, he meets with an accident and dies. Rakesh Mohan marries Amar's sister Leela and Amar marries Gita.
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