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Tere Naam

Year: 2003
Length: 2:16:59
Director: Satish Kaushik
Cast: Bhoomika Chawla, Salman Khan, Sachin Khedekar, Ravi Kisan, Savita Prabhune, Mahima Choudhary
Subtitle: English
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Radhe Mohan is an honest and truthful man, living in the world of his own all the time. A loafer uncivil by looks he is a gem of a man by heart. Radhe meets Nirjara, the daughter of the priest of the village. The western culture has not been able to even have a glimpse of the innocent girl. Radhe falls for the simplicity and the innocence of Nirjara. He concedes his love to her. Shackled by the culture and the values Nirajara has no for the answer.

Unknowingly Radhe saves the elder sister of Nirjara from an adversity. Rameshwar, the would be fiance of Nirjara, informs her of the incident. Nirjara now realizes the love of Radhe, whom she until now thought was a loafer and immoral. Destiny has its twisting role to play before she can reveal her love to Radhe.

The wheels of time brings Radhe to the cross road, of the ruins and madness.

How the fate exercises its dominance is the climax of the story:

1) Does Radhe find his love?
2) Do Radhe and Nirjara get Married?
3) Does Nirjara confess her love to Radhe?
4) Does Radhe win over the destiny?

The answer to the above forms the gripping and the moving part of the end of this Economical Drama.
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