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Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Year: 2006
Length: 2:12:53
Director: Karan Johar
Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukharjee, Abhishek Bachcha, Preeti Jinta etc.
Subtitle: English
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a confident woman with strong beliefs and resolve about her career having equal, if not more, important as her marital life, rhea is smart, successful and caring. she may not be the usual housewife that is generally accepted from a woman belonging to her social circle but that is hardly a worrying thought for her as she believes that everything counts in an individual's life, with love and luxuries holding equal importance.

rishi too loves maya enormously and it's her and only her who is of utmost importance to him. but a difficult situation comes his way when he realizes about maya's handicap. frustrated and depressed, he has his violent fits that further draw maya away from him. moreover the stylish persona of his is a complete opposite of the calm and composed nature of maya!

with lives of each of the four protagonists on the crossroads, what roles do the elders have to play?

colorful by nature, samarjit knows how to have fun and laugh all the way but when it comes to family matters that threaten to turn it all into a messy situation, he knows when, where and whom to give advice. a man who tries everything to get things back on track, he is the one for whom only two people matter most - rishi and maya.

same holds true for kamaljit too who has a righteous attitude towards the state of affairs and doesn't think twice about taking a stand when it comes to supporting the truth. an ideal mix of traditional values and a progressive mindset, she may seem unfazed by the situation at her home but puts her foot down when things go extreme. and this is what that makes her raise her voice in support of rhea!
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