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Year: 2003
Length: 2:32:53
Director: Priyadarshan
Cast: Akshaye Khanna, Paresh Rawal, Aftab Shivdasani, Rimi Sen, Shakti Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav, Tiku Talsania, Shoma Anand, Neena Kulkarni, Amit Divetia, Upasn
Subtitle: English
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Anjali (Rimi Sen), a small village girl, desperately wants a job. But she gets it only when Jeetu (Akshaye Khanna) misunderstands her as the daughter of a very rich man, Radheysham Tiwari (Paresh Rawel).

Jeetu, wants a small initial investment to make it big in life. But to get started, he has to rob his father. And now he is in search of a rich female he can marry.

Nandu (Aftaab) dreams of becoming a famous singer, but his parents are against it. So he has to run away from home and live in Mumbai on his own.

Anjali and Nandu are human versions of Tom and Jerry. They are forced to live under one roof at a throw away price. But they have to pretend to be married.

Anil (sanjay narvekar),a bank employee, wants to marry the only daughter of rich 'raddiwala' Tejabhai alias Kacharaseth (Shakti Kapoor). But to impress the girl, he pretends to be the son of Radheysham Tiwari.

Mrs. Tiwari (Shoma Anand) is happily married to her husband, Radheysham. But her encounters with Kacharaseth brings to her attention that her husband has more sons and daughters than she thought.

Radheysham can't himself believe that his wife loves a young lad called "Jeetu from Videocon". But the circumstances and proofs are such, that their marriage is on rocks.

Jeetu believes that Anjali loves him… But he has to manage her rowdy father.

Dulari (Upasana Singh), wife of the chawl owner Popat Seth (Tiku Talsania), believes that Nandu loves her… And to start a new life, they have to elope…

Raja (Rajpal Yadav) believes that he has to marry Anjali… But the underworld don, Chota Chetan has made his life miserable…

Kachara Seth believes that his daughter is engaged to the son of Radheysham Tiwari… But to find his daughter, he has to kidnap everybody at the Tiwari’s residence…

This becomes a complete mayhem, and only in the colossal chaos of the climax, things are sorted out.....
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