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I - Proud Be An Indian

Year: 2004
Length: 2:04:03
Director: Puneet Sira
Cast: Sohail Khan, Heena Tasleem, Aasif Sheikh, Imran Ahmed, Mona Ambegaonkar, Tim Lawrence and Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Subtitle: None
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Once in London, I starts to discover, that the middle class Asian families are living a very frightened life, as some local white outlaws, who are pack of skinheads are making their life a living hell. The dreaded Cane who is 6ft 4in is the leader of the skinheads. Cane along with his cronies believes that their country England is being taken over by the Asian Community. Cane represents this new bunch of so-called Neo Nazis who preache racism. They hate any other skin color other than white skin. They feel that non-British have no right to stay in England, particularly the Asians.

I has to stand up for the Asians and fight for their rights. I beats up some of the skinheads and Cane comes to know about that. Cane sends more skinheads to retaliate and the problem becomes bigger.

Sergeant Grant represents the local police who are the authority. Sergeant goes and checks the area and comes to know about the atrocities of the skinheads towards Asians.

Sergeant Grant is a very strict officer and he does not approve of the existence of the skinheads. He particular does not like Cane as he feels that they are the menace to the society. Sergeant Grant orders Cane and his pack of skinheads to stay away from the Indian boy.

The skinheads are desperate to get I, but are helpless due to the warning of the local police authorities, especially Sergeant Grant.
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