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Mera Naam Joker

Year: 1970
Length: 3:44:28
Director: Raj Kapoor
Cast: Manoj Kumar, Simi Garewal, Achala Sachdev, Rishi Kapoor, Dharmendra, Dara Singh etc.
Subtitle: None
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Chubby Raj Ranbir lives a poor lifestyle in Southern India with his widowed mom. His father was a Circus clown and passed away in an accident while performing on the trapeze. Raj studies in a prestigious school while his mom stitches clothes for a living. When Raj finds out that his father was a circus clown, he decides to become one too, much to chagrin of his mother. Thus begins Raj's journey, a journey where he will get attracted to three women, ironically whose names all start with 'M', starting with his childhood crush on his teacher, Mary, who will get married to David; then when he starts working as a Clown for Gemini Circus, he meets with Russian trapeze performer, Marina, who he introduces to his mother; then the passing away of his mother when she finds out that Raj has been working as a Clown without informing her, and the subsequent departure of Marina back to Russia; and finally his romance with starry-eyed, ambitious beauty, Meena, who eventually would go to marry a movie star by the name of Rajender Kumar. Summarizing his life, Raj invites all his past loves back into his life - the question remains would they want to return to visit Raj?
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