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Year: 2008
Length: 2:29:27
Director: Rajesh Ram Singh
Cast: Rishi Rehan, Prem Chopra, Himani Shivpuri, Nasir Abdullah, Gargi Patel, Joe , Manmeet Singh, Vivek Marwah, Avantika , Raj Babbar, Ninad Kamat, Viju Kh
Subtitle: None
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a young, ambitious and successful professional like raghu needs to go to chandigarh before his posting to new york as his last assignment. for raghu career takes top priority in his life.
in chandigarh, he seems to be destined to cross path with a girl to whom he is inadvertently drawn. but each time pinky flits away even before he can approach her. when they do meet and get to know each other they realize that they share a very strong bonding. and as usual pinky once again vanishes from raghu's life. when they accidentally bump into each other months later, pinky has one request...that he meet her family just once. for pinki family takes top priority in his life.

raghu meets the big, boisterous punjabi family only to be drawn into the warmth of the large family. will raghu be able to turn his back on a loving family? will raghu marry pinky? will pinky change her mind about letting him go? is career more important than a loving family? raghu is in a dilemma but not pinky...

watch khusboo a love story that spreads the fragrance of love amidst strong family values...
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