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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Year: 2008
Length: 2:33:31
Director: Abbas Tyrewala
Cast: Imraan Khan, Ganelia, Abbas Tyrewala, Naseruddin Shah, Sohail Khan, Arshad Warsi, Paresh Rawal
Subtitle: English
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while jaane tu is imran’s debut vehicle, it is really genelia who steals the show. the actress is a real livewire on screen and conveys those annoying feelings of jealousy, confusion, irritability and fake happiness without any problem.

within the gang, who sport very bombay nicknames such as rats (jai), meow (aditi), bombs (sandhya), jiggy (jignesh), the guys fare much better than the girls. jiggy delights as the gujju while rotlu and bombs together are smashing as the couple who discover each other as soul mates when left solo by their crushes, jai and aditi.

supporting cast members like ratna pathak shah as jai’s mum, paresh rawal as the police inspector, naseeruddin shah, as jai’s dead rajput father who speaks from his portrait hold, fort magnificently.

even the sub-plot of jai’s rite of passage as a true male rathore from ranjhore family by fulfilling three conditions - beating up a person, spending time in jail and riding a horse - is largely saved and made palatable by way of the safe casting of the shahs and arbaaz and sohail khan, who appear as rathore boys in the guise of dancing cowboys.

on a whole jaane tu ya jaane na is a lovely cute movie honestly.
its not a story which never heard or seen but then just like aamir said, it does revive good old college days and bring us a nice love story..
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