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Kya Kehna!

Year: 2000
Length: 2:34:37
Director: Kundan Shah
Cast: Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan, Chandrachur Singh, Anupam Kher, Farida Jalal
Subtitle: None
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It is the story of a lively young girl Priya (Preity Zinta), the only daughter of her parents with three brothers. Hers is a happy, loving and closely-knit family.

Priya's childhood friend Ajay (Chandrachud Singh) loves her and wishes to marry her. Priya is lost in her own dreamy world, unaware of Ajay’s feelings for her.

At college Priya is totally captivated by the ‘Casanova of the college’, Rahul (Saif Ali Khan). Rahul specializes in flirting with girls. Rahul falls for Priya and uses his usual tricks to charm her. Friends and well-wishers warn and admonish her not to get carried away with Rahul. But, Priya is falls for him.

This love comes to full bloom, and Priya becomes pregnant. Rahul is a free man and wants no responsibilities of either mom or the child. Priya’s family feels betrayed by her and rejects her.

Priya is shattered. The girl who was the darling of everyone all around is now shunned and left alone to fight the accusations, and build a future for herself. Ajay, the gallant friend in waiting, pitches in. He helps Priya to cope with the tears and pick up the pieces of her life.

‘Kya Kehna’ is all about how a girl goes about fighting the wild world and wins respect for herself.

Rajesh Roshan’s music is quite outstanding (particularly the title song), and Majrooh Sultanpuri’s lyrics gel with the theme of the movie.

‘Kya Kehna’ catches moods, ups and downs in life. There are many fun-filled and joyful situations. Some emotional and eye-wetting situations are also there. It is a film for everyone – kids, youngsters, and families.
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