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Oh My God

Year: 2008
Length: 1:37:43
Director: Sourabh Shrivastava
Cast: Vinay Pathak, Divya Dutta, Sourabh Shukla
Subtitle: None
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rajendra is a simple man with big dreams and ambitions. he comes from a simple middle class family and wants to make it big in life through sheer hard work. dhirubhai ambani is his role model and wants to become as successful as he was. he is married to suman, a sweet and simple house-wife. he leads a good life but because he is over-ambitious he overlooks all that he's got in life. he shares a very different relationship with god. unlike others, he treats god as a friend, someone whom he can share his things with without asking for anything from him. rajendra is straightforward and focused and has a plan for almost every thing in life... even for having kids. at times he is eccentric, but his innocence and sweetness makes him lovable.
saurabh shukla: god
god is different from the usual god that we know. he is sweet, funny and a completely lovable character. he's someone who is dressed in formal suits, eats chocolates, chips, and pizzas to get rid of his depression. like normal human beings, even he gets bored and irritated of the world that he has created. he also gets tough and tricky with men to teach them the lesson of life. in spite of being the almighty with special powers, he is some times helpless and confused with normal human beings. but finally he proves his smartness and intelligence making every one say - "oh my god!"
divya dutta: suman dubey
suman is rajendra's wife. she is very sweet, loving and a simple woman. she is happy in her life and unlike rajendra; she is satisfied and has no big dreams. but at the same time she stands by her husband and supports him in whatever he does and desires from life. suman has a thing for kids and since they have still not planned a family even after 5 years of marriage, she always tries to convince rajendra to have kids. suman has full faith in whatever rajendra does. no matter what others think about him, suman always considers rajendra as her hero and at the same time is a pillar of support for him. suman also has immense faith in god. god to her is a guardian who she can child with, crib about the entire world and even complain against anyone and everyone.
all of us have asked god for help at various moments in our lives. what if god actually tried to help and we were oblivious to his presence?
vinay pathak stars as rajendra, a simple salesman with big dreams, a hard core dhiru bhai ambani fan, who wants to make it big in life but through ethical ways. suman (divya dutta) is rajendra's patient and loving wife, who stands by her husband at all times. as rajendra continues to fail in his various money-making schemes, suman pleads with god to help her husband.
what follows is a series of hilarious encounters where god (played in human form by saurabh shukla) tries to help rajendra become successful but is constantly frustrated as rajendra fails to recognise the opportunities.
first-time director sourabh srivasatav tells a funny, touching story of
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