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Yaadon Ki Baaraat

Year: 1973
Length: 2:35:29
Director: Nasir Hussain
Cast: Dharmendra, Zeenat Aman, Tariq, Neetu Singh, Vijay Arora
Subtitle: None
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shankar (dharmendra) and vijay (vijay arora) watch the death of their parents with horror as they are shot in front of their eyes by three masked men. while their brother ratan (tariq) is whisked away by their maid-servant, the two manage to get away with the help of the one of the three masked men, jack (satyen kapoo). unfortunately, the two brother separate. shankar takes to a life of crime with the assistance of ismail batliwala. vijay is rescued and taken care by an elderly mr. verma, who is employed by a wealthy family. while ratan (tariq) becomes singer monto. the police eventually apprehend jack and he is sentenced to jail for over 15 years. shankar anxiously awaits his return so that he can extract his revenge. vijay falls in love with the rich and wealthy sunita (zeenat aman) and impersonates the rich kunver singh in order to meet sunita's approval. mr. verma does not approve of this behavior. sunita eventually comes to know of vijay's real identity, and has nothing to do with him. in shame, vijay relocates to the city where he works as a waiter in a hotel. ironically, shankar works for the owner of the hotel shakhaal (ajit); while ratan sings in the same hotel as "monto". none of the three brothers know of the other. shankar is obsessed with revenge; vijay hides in shame; while ratan sings a song which could unite the three brothers. this was the song the family sang during happier times. but things get worse when shakhaal finds out that jack is out of prison, and has him killed. then he abducts sunita and eventually vijay and ratan, and invites shankar to witness their deaths.
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