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Team - The Force

Year: 2009
Length: 1:54:48
Director: Ajay Chandok
Cast: Sohail Khan, Yash Tonk, Aarti Chabbria, Amrita Arora, Sayaji Shinde, Vrajesh Hirjee and Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Subtitle: English
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raj (sohail), yash (yash tonk) and jassi (vrajesh) are three best pals who aim to strike big in the music industry but are down on luck. they stay as paying guests at baabe’s (kulbhushan kharbanda) villa. seeing their honest zest for making it big in the field of music, baabe offers them a timely financial help and produces their first video album. but their joys are short lived as underworld don raman shetty (sayaji shinde) starts making extortion calls to baabe since he wants to usurp his palatial villa. how the trio of raj, yash and jassi teams up together and turns the tables on the underworld don and what hilarious consequences it all leads to forms the rest of the film.

the film is clearly aimed at the masses so it would be futile to make an in depth analysis of the film. but still having said that, the film is a clear example of how filmmakers tend to take their target audiences for granted. fine they don’t expect you to bring your brains to such movies but why insult the intelligence so much? all possible cinematic liberties taken, all much used and abused clichés incorporated, heroines used for mere skin show, songs tumbling out of nowhere and pathetic hamming in the name of acting is that what you spend your money to watch?

the director of the film, ajay chandok needs a quick lesson in filmmaking and understanding that even the smaller center audiences has grown up and have discarded stuff which worked in the 80s. chandok every single film till date – be it nehle pe dehla or recently flopped ek se bure do seems to show his lack of imagination in handling comedy and providing something new in terms of entertainment. team is no exception either.

while sohail and yash tonk simply irritate, vrajesh hirjee and his fake punjabi accent grates on your nerves. kulbhushan kharbanda bores you with his forever glum expressions. the two heroines aarti chabbria and amrita arora are used only as glam dolls. however it is sayaji shinde who manages to evoke lot of laughter.
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